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Slow & Low Festival

with Span Studio, 2023
Design Direction, Design: Nick Adam
Design: Cheryl Kao

Curatorial Team: Lauren M. Pacheco, Peter Kepha, Edward Magico Calderon
Photographers: Ed Calderon, Max Herman, Nick Lipton, Katrina Nelken, Mike Pocious

The Society of Typographic Arts 100 Award, 2023
The Slow & Low curators approached Span to elevate Chicago’s lowrider community. Slow & Low is a celebration of identity grounded in self-expression, social change, master craftsmanship, and machinery. The opportunity to take over Chicago’s largest tourist destination came with the responsibility of placemaking.

Span designed a visual identity and exhibition graphics that foster a sense of belonging by celebrating the curators' dreams and the individuals of the community. Vivid, dimensional marigolds cascade across images from Slow & Low’s world-renowned and emerging photographers. Marigolds hold significance in Chicano and lowrider culture, symbolizing a celebration of faith, life, and death. The visual identity gains purpose by featuring Slow & Low’s photography, providing the design system with power by moving beyond showcasing stunning lowrider cars and highlighting the individuals in Slow & Low’s community.