A retrospective book for Slow&Low documenting Chicago’s thriving lowrider community and culture.  


The Slow & Low book is the first formal piece of documentation from Chicago’s thriving lowrider community. Independently published by Slow & Low, a local non-profit lowrider organization, this story comes to life. The project showcases a photographic archive that documents twelve years of Slow & Low’s events and festivals. Deep personal and cultural context is provided through a pair of essays from Slow & Low co-founder and curator Lauren M. Pacheco and ethnographer, cultural critic, and professor Dr. Ben Chappell.

The book’s grid creates an elaborate page sequencing system that balances variation and repetition, highlighting perspective shifts and contextual relationships. Page-to-page, the photographic compositions create a filmic cadence where motion, zooming, and surrounding angles provide the viewer with a sense of cruising. The photo archive depicts lowriding as a way for individuals and the community to have a voice of creativity and pride. 

Made at Span. Design direction by Nick Adam, Printing by OGM, Writing by Lauren M. Pacheco, Dr. Ben Chappell. Curation by Lauren M. Pacheco, Peter Kepha, Edward Magico Calderon. Photography by Carmen Ordonez, Carolina Sánchez, Don’t Get Shot, Edward Magico Calderon, Fernando Ruiz, Katrina Nelken, Manuel Lagunas, Manuel Velasco, Max Herman, Mike Pocious, Nick Lipton, Peter Kepha, Sebastián Hildalgo, and Nick Adam

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