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with Span Studio, 2023
Concept, Design Direction: John Pobojewski
Design: Cheryl Kao
Illustration: Avery Branen
Brand Strategy and Copywriting: Verve Strategy
Stride is a software studio founded to build scalable products, staff and strengthen development teams, and optimize performance, all while creating lasting value. The new identity for Stride completely differentiates them from their competitors, inspired by the studio’s ability to unlock human potential in the name of building better software.

The brand identity uses stacked geometric shapes that represent balance, trust, and collaboration — a reflection of Stride’s ability to build stability both inside and outside development teams. The wordmark also features custom letters based on Neuzeit Grotesk, a geometric typeface that reflects the shapes of the icon. Custom ”squiggles” and illustrations add hand-drawn elements to the brand to emphasize specific words in copy and to visualize complex concepts.