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Sitting with Myself

with Span Studio, 2021
Concept, Design Direction: John Pobojewski
Concept, Photography: Leah Wendzinski
Concept, Design, Programming: LaSean Marie Patton
Site Design: Cheryl Kao
Web Development: Brett Burwell
When we look at someone, we take notice of things and make assumptions. But often what we assume is not how a person perceives themselves. Something different lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed… How do others see you? How do you see yourself?

Sitting With Myself is a digital research portal where 21 volunteers from different points of view were interviewed and photographed. The resulting website is a time capsule featuring different explorations of personal and perceived identity.

Each individual is obscured with close-up crops and digital manipulations created in Processing. With a click, an overall portrait and statement from the individual is revealed. All testimonials are in the individual’s own words but have been edited for brevity.